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tamara medici

i define myself as a multifaceted artist , being able to propose different genres. BIO: Tamara Medici, is an Italian artist, singer and songwriter, brands are dance floor music, pop, Latin pop and world music. Right up to this point…


Name and Surname: Tamara Medici
Profession: Singer - Mezzo Soprano
Place of residence: 43 Via Banfi, 47826, Villa Verucchio, RN, Italy

Contact: Tel: +393925596265 - Email: [email protected]

I am a performer, songwriter, theatrical singer, singer songwriter and lounge singer.

crederò in te
bad boy
carol zar
i feel
like a tango
veinte pasos

2018 currently - Singer on board of Costa cruise. Lounge and theatrical show.
2015/2018 - Executive Assistant – Account Manager in Q Group communication agency.
2012/2014 - Music label: 3soundrecord – I worked as a music marketing advisor and press agent for artist.
2010/2011 - Costa Cruise – (Costa Europa) - lounge singer and theatrical singer.
2008/2009 – Costa Crociere (Costa Classica) – Duo of standard jazz and contemporary music, theatrical singer in the show “I Have a Dream”.
2007 – REGENT CRUISE (American maritime company, 6 star cruise). Solo singer aboard of the italian restaurant on board of Seven Seas Navigator. repertory: jazz and classic Italian music.
2006/07 – Costa Crociere Costa Allegra – as a singer in a live music quartet.
2004/06 – Singer in “Baiardi” Folk Orchestra. Folk music, 60s, 70s, 80s, Dance.
2003 – Autonomous opening of “Sing Sing Sing” private singing school. Villa Verucchio, Rimini, as a singing teacher.
2003 – teacher at “Liceo Musicale di Riccione” (Modern Singing department) teaching anatomy of the respiratory system.
2003 - Orchestra “Carletto e gli Artisti”: folk music, singer.
2003 – Duo “Nello e Tamara”: music for ceremonies and weddings. Singer, entertainer.
2003 – Trio “Cuba, Cuba”: pop music, Latin-American, group dancing. Singer.
2002/03 – solo singer: “Leardi e Bronz” orchestra, folk music orchestra.
2002/03 – solo singer: “Blu Melody” orchestra – dance music, 70s, 80s
2002 – solo singer: “Vincenzi” orchestra – folk music, 60s, 70s
1998/2001 - “CAELESTIUM” big band – music and show (entertainment?). Contemporary, pop, dance and standard jazz band. The band was composed of between 10 and 12 members where my role was singer and “frontman”. Concerts in Italy, international conventions and gala concerts at grand events (such as, the Berlin Film Festival, St. Moritz Grand Gala).

To perform my own shows as an Artist , working in tv and radio too.

- Diploma in Applied Art (MA in, Photographic Imagery, Publicity Graphics – Film and Television
department), achieved in 2002 at State Art Institute “Federico Fellini” in Riccione.
- Graduating in “Clinical Intervention Psychology - “Carlo Bo” university, Urbino – Graduation
still to be attained.
- Specialised qualifications in CNV “Hypnosis”, “Dream Hypnosis”, “Non Verbal Communication
and Body Language”, “Self Control”, obtained from “IPA” Psychology Association.
- Diploma, recognised by the P.I. Ministry, relating to “Memory techniques and fast reading, course
of study strategies”.
- Languages: Italian (made language), English (good written and spoken)
Spanish (intermediate (written and spoken) A1 A2,B1,B2
German A1 - Japanese, Hindi, Chinese (beginner).
Studied at the following schools from 1996:
- “Mubi Studio Recording” singing school and recording studio of Stefano Bianchi. Teaching method based on interpretation.
- “Music School of Riccione” (Modern dept.) pedagogy of teaching: classical method based on technique and vocal preparation.
- “Comandini School” Rimini, pianoforte section, (I.Comandini) and singing class (G.Lusetti).
- School and training in opera, Teatro della Regina, Cattolica, maestro Gilberto Del Chierico.
Periodical refresher courses in didactics and pedagogy of modern song, for example:
- “singing voice disorders from diagnosis to treatment”, certificate gained from Local Public Health Unit of Ravenna, (of F.Fussi and T.Fuschini).
The skills relating to vocal preparation were developed through a formative procedure led by spee-ch therapists: (Dr. Rastelli and Tiziana Fuschini) and phoniatrician (Dr. Franco Fussi).
- Educational internship: “Vocal preparation for theatre and diction course” Riccione. Prof. Nicola Fuschini.
- Educational internship: “Television extra”, Italian Actors Models Models? Federation, Milan.
- Educational internship: “Vocal preparation for singing and acting” Dr. Fussi. Ravenna.

i define myself as a multifaceted artist , being able to propose different genres.

Tamara Medici, is an Italian artist, singer and songwriter, brands are dance floor music, pop, Latin pop and world music.
Right up to this point in time, she was known as Aisha for her “Multilanguage pop dance music project "; She released her albums in Italian, English, Hindi and Spanish using up to eight languages within a single song. Her music is in all the music stores, and kiosks in Italy, through several music compilations, releasing regularly a new single every month. Tamara has collaborated as a press office with several brands and labels, executive producer of her own projects releases, participates in the MIDEM, each year, to find new business opportunities abroad and launched an Electro-Latino pop project, produced with Loris Ceroni. In 2013 she launched and promoted in Qatar in the Middle East, the first EP at Virgin Music Store, thanks to Qatar TV Channel 2, the national television and radio stations.In 2014 she was testimonial to Macumba Fitness, wrote a song in English and Russian for the export of sport movement in the Eastern and Russian countries. Followed with a concert, the sport movement of Max Imperoli in Rimini Wellness. Since that time, Aisha’s songs are launched through all the music compilations for fitness (Zumba and Macumba fit.). She Later became an Ambassadress of her city, with a project launched to the world next to the Rimini municipality, to promote it ', thus writing a song in eight languages, using a press office in Dubai-PNR PRESS that translates articles into six most important languages in the world. In 2016 she wrote and composed an Ep. with Federico Spagnoli, author of Mina and Celentano, for a Christmas compilation. In 2017 she was called by Athena Gioielli to be a testimonial of the new jewelry collection "I gatti di Alice ", while "Hit Mania " Launched from 2016, every month, a new single from her, found in all kiosks, Mediaworld and Autogrill from Italy. Today Tamara decides to go out with her real name in a new electro-Latino pop project created by Loris Ceroni with four nominations at Grammy Awards.

Tamara say: "i did always everything alone, so actully i decided to "take rest" from my carrier going onboard of ships where i can sing travelling being Happy. Mostly i sing jazz, standard jazz, international contemporary song, and classic old italian music, in lounge or teatre. I can sing in chinese and hindi too!"


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