Sylvie Nicephor

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Sylvie Nicephor

26 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris, France
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“What was still common around 1900 has become a rarity in our highly specialized era : the musician universally educated and active. The pianist, singer, musicologist (…) Sylvie Nicephor belongs to this kind”. (Presentation of the “28th week of piano” in Heidelberg, Germany, Deutsche-American-Institute).

Since 1998, Sylvie Nicephor made her voice first heard as a SOPRANO SOLOIST of oratorios and operettas. Then, she is going to focus above all on a varied activity of concerts in many musical programming in Paris and its region, and also in Germany, Italy, Hungary and Serbia, with a directory that includes the opera, the oratorio, the melody and the lied.

She is opening also her activity of musical performance to research and creation.

Since 1998, she collaborated with composers (V. Stephan, G. Stark, J. Holland, I. Jevtic, M. Muench) and made heard new works (J. L. Petit, G. Stark, J. Holland).

In 2011, she devotes her first soprano record (label Indesens/Calliope) to the rediscovery of the French romance, kind which she will unveil aesthetic and codes. More recently, she undertook to write her own shows.

Sylvie Nicephor studied singing in Paris to various teachers, theater and theatrical performances for lyric artists at the Studi-Opéra (1998-2000). She has perfected  interpretation and study of roles with Jeanine Reiss during four years, what has been a decisive experience.

Sylvie Nicephor began to be heard as a PIANIST in lieder concerts and melodies with singers.

Since 1997, she carried out soloist recitals in different programming in Paris and the Paris region, then she opened her activity in Europe in many towns in Germany, Italy, Greece, in Finland, Hungary, Serbia. She is a regular guest of festivals (“NeckarMusikFestival” in Germany, “Pianorama” in Florence, “Cohilia” in Greece, “Summerpiano Vranje” in Serbia, “Piceno classica festival”, “Incontri musicale Mediterranei”, “Festival pianistico internazionale” en Italie…) and programming (in Helsinki, Budapest, Berlin, Darmstadt, Taormina, Messina, Avellino, Vicenza…). Her experience of soprano and her theater training led her naturally to participate in transverse projects (“La petite robe bleue” of G. Lavenant in 2010, “Entretiens avec Mr Croche” in 2018…). Her expanded repertoire includes contemporary music (she dedicated several concerts to the work for piano of M. Muench). In 2018, centenary of the death of Debussy, she signed her first piano album (label Indesens/Calliope) with his “24 Preludes”.

Sylvie Nicephor has been fully trained in Paris by the Argentinean pianist Wilfredo Voguet, V. Scaramuzza’s student in Buenos Aires, who passed on him the traditions of game and musical approach specific to South American schools. It’s the work done with this pedagogue which oriented her towards the practice of concert.

Sylvie Nicephor’ artistic career is marked by multidisciplinarity. Because, in addition to her vocal and pianistic practices, she received early a high-level didactic training in large Parisian institutions. She incorporated at the age of 17 the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris in the writing techniques, analysis and orchestration classes.

She will receive several first prizes as well as a Doctorate of Musicology at the University of Paris 4 – Sorbonne where she became specialized in music in France, from the nineteenth century to the present. In the same university, she also obtained a Master’s degree at the Faculty of Dance, where she perfected in historical dances, area she adores because of her links with music. It’s also during master classes and international academies that she will have the opportunity to benefit from the contribution of eminent personnalities of the musical and choreographic world.


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