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Musicologo - Strumentista

Giuseppe Gammino


Born in Palermo in 1983, Giuseppe Gammino attended at the Conservatory of Music “V. Bellini” of Palermo, where got a bachelor degree in violin. He attended at the University of Palermo, where he  got his master degree (laurea magistrale) in musicology under the guidance of Massimo Privitera. He played in a lots of orchestras, he collaborates with the press area of the Massimo Theatre of Palermo and the press area of “Musicheria Magazine On-Line”. He attended at the music composition degree course at the Conservatory of Music “C. Monteverdi” of Bolzano, under the guidance of Heinrich Unterhofer. In 2013 his composition Quasi un divertimentofor violin and flute, received several praises and positive remarks, at the musical contest Un “divertimento” per la convivenza, organized by the Collegium Musicum of Bolzano. His composition per aspera Ad Astra(2013) for bass clarinet, viola and live electronics, was performed at the Museion, Museum of modern and contemporary art of Bolzano; while the piece Connection failedwas performed in November 2014 at the 40th Contemporary Music Festival. In 2016 he was selected among the best three composers as part of the "Residence for Composers" project, organized by the Municipality of Salorno and the "C. Monteverdi ”in Bolzano at the“ Sculpture garden ”of Pochi di Salorno. In July 2016, the piece Siddhartha Iwas ranked second from the competition organized by the Südtiroler Künstlerbund (SKB) in the context of “Settimane Mahleriane di Dobbiaco”. In 2019 the contemporary music festival of Bolzano commissioned him a piece, Pelle II, performed by the percussionist quartet conTakt on 11/13/2019.


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