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Giacomo Franci

The New York Chamber Players Orchestra is a Professional Orchestra in New York City

The New York Chamber Players Orchestra is a Professional Orchestra in New York City

The New York Chamber Players is a Professional Chamber Orchestra of 42 players . It is dedicated to producing performances of mostly classical music. About 2/3 of the Orchestra is core and the remaining 1/3 is new at every production chosen through regular auditions in NYC there is a wealth of talented musicians and we want to give the opportunity to all deserving professionals. The Artistic Director welcomes professionals from all nationalities and races as a reflection of the true spirit of New York City. Our main mission is to promote live classical music through presentations of classical music to contemporary audiences, using different formats to enliven and inspire musical experiences. The formats include spontaneous communication with the audiences, unusual in most concert settings, as well as full awareness of proper alternative visual effects such as alternative lightings (inserted sometimes during the performance of contemporary or modern music) and / or insertion of dancers that can enrich the communication especially during the performance of contemporary music.

The organization will fulfill its mission by:

  • Enhancing the career and musical activity of its artists, mostly young professionals graduated from colleges, universities and conservatories.
  • Promoting classical music to contemporary audiences.
  • Expanding beyond traditional presentation (musicians in tuxedos, on a stage, silent except while playing music)
  • Giving particular attention to contemporary music and lesser known but great composers.


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Piazzolla Concert for Bandoneon and Orchestra Giacomo Franci Conductor

Schubert Unfinished Symphony Giacomo Franci Conductor

Beethoven's Emperor, Giacomo Franci Pianist

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