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Elizabeth Arenas

Pianoforte con mio padre Prof. Dr. Cris Arenas e poi a Vienna con il Prof. Paul Badura-Skoda.Lezioni private con Philippe Entremont Studi di direzione d'orchestra con Thomas Jung in la Germania

Pianoforte con mio padre Prof. Dr. Cris Arenas e poi a Vienna con il Prof. Paul Badura-Skoda.Lezioni private con Philippe Entremont
Studi di direzione d'orchestra con Thomas Jung in la Germania

Elizabeth Arenas

Belong to one of the virtuous pianists of the present time. Argentinian- Venezuelan pianist
Elizabeth Arenas, started my studies in music very early and was taught by my father, Dr. in
Musicology and Pedagogy.
She studied dentistry and practiced a dentist before she started her career as a concert pianist. I
went to Vienna (Austria) to continue my studies in music with the famous Professor Paul Badura
- Skoda.
Three years later, I began to work as professional musician. I have given concerts in North
America, Canada, Europa, Africa, Asia and South America. I had performed with such Orchestras
as the Sinfonica de Sao Paulo, Carolina Chamber Orchestra, Namibia National Symphony
Orchestra, National Symphony of Colombia, China Philharmonic, Shangai City Symphony, The
Jakarta Symphony, Fresno Philharmonic, The Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, KwaZulu-Natal
Philharmonic Orchestra, Cairo Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Kazanawa,
Penang Symphony State and Chorus, albanian Symphony, Aalborg Symphony, Lahti Symphony,
Nagoya Philharmonic, Orquestra do Algarve, Camerata di Bardi, Tampere Philharmonic,
Dortmund Philharmoniker,Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Filármonica de Jalisco, Durban City
Orchestra, Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, Orquesta Filármonica de Málaga, Orquestra
Metropolitana de Lisboa, Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, Rundfunksinfonie Stuttgard, Orchestre
Philharmonique Liège, Orquesta Nacional de Espana.....
She has been played under conductors like Cesário Costa, Hector Guzmán, Marcello Mottadelli,
John Floore, Victor Yanpolsky, Peter Kovacs....
She had been invited to renowned Festivals, such as the Al Bustan International Festival of Music
and the Arts, Quincena Musical San Sebastian, Festival International de Música y Danza de
Granada, Brighton Festival, Piano aux Jacobins Festival, Festival Musical Cervantino, Incontri
Europei con la musica, Bachwoche Ansbach.....
She is a artist with strong humanitarian beliefs, she had participated in numerous benefit
concerts for different Institutions and Organization dedicated to providing help trough music.
Now she is a “Pianist in Resident” in the World Doctors Orchestra in Berlin being always to
disposition to play benefit concerts in different projects. At the moment, she work in the project
of donation of instruments and the construction of music’s school for the musicians of the
Kinshasa Symphony. She has played numerous recitals in several concert halls as Teatro Colón de
Buenos Aires, Baxter Theatre Centre, Salle Mozart, Aula Universität Köln, Bechsteinsaal, Teatro
San Leonardo, Teatro Isabel La Católica, Austria Centre, Bösendorfersaal, Ayuntamiento de
Granada, Atheneum Theatre, Villa Teresa Coswig, Teatro Municipal de Santiago de Chile,
Gusman Hall, Mauritius Port Louis Theatre, Salle Cortot,
Teatro Ciudad de Marbella, Vienna Konzerthaus, Teatro Ciudad de Mexico, Teatro Juarez de
Guanajuato, Teatro Degollado de Jalisco, Teatro Real de Madrid, Shanghai Oriental Arts Center,
Suzhou Culture and Arts Center, Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca, Gran Teatro de Cáceres.......
I had worked in the perfection of my repertoire in Germany, USA, France,
England with well know teachers: Friedrich Wilhelm Schnurr, Marlcom
Frager, Paul Maillet, Jeremy Menuhin, Philippe Entremont, Karmierz Gierzod,
Dominique Merlet.
The pieces of my repertoire embrance specially from baroque until the contemporary, in the last
years, I had been devoted to investigate and to work unknow pieces and always including in my
program of concerts.
Member of different international Societies whose objective is the collaboration in the protection
and memory of the work of different composers.
In 1996, I worked a year with the founder of the Superior School of song in
Granada - Spain, the British teacher Mariam Bryfdir.
In 1997 I wan engaged for 3 months to work as a teacher in the “Akademische
Musik Institut” in Kwangju - South Korea.
Elizabeth Arenas is invited regularly to dictate masterclasses to the students of
the National Conservatory of Music of Mauritius


The decision to begin conducting orchestra studies has been the desire to work
intensely many not very well-known pieces and to offer the public an interesting
repertoire, to get out of the routine of the usual repertoire.
She has worked many years with the Conductor Thomas Jung in Germany, who was a student of Bernard Haitink and she inherits the legacy and technique of the great conductor, also
participated in master classes with prominent Directors such as Christian Deliso,
Christoph Ehremfellner, George Pehlivanian, Vladimir Ponkin.
During her studies, and beginning of my career as Conductor, she has conductin
orchestras such as Klettenberg Kammerorchester, Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss
am Rhein, Kammerorchester Balingen, Sinfonie Orchester Münster, Klassische
Philharmonie Bonn, Chamber orchestra Wallonie, Branderburger Symphonie, Orchestra
d'Avignon, Bergische Symphonie, with an audience enthused by their sympathy and
The next season, will include extraordinary programs, with their premiere with the
National Symphonic Orchestra of Taiwan, in 2018, Malta Philharmonic, In the season
2018-2019 will realize a tour by South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Chile).


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