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Екатерина Кожевникова

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Kozhevnikova Ekaterina Vadimovna ,
with ovetsky, Russian composer, honored Art P USSIAN F EDERATION (2000 . ) , board member, chairman K amer symphony association Union Moscow composers.
Catherine Kozhevnikov and was born in Moscow in 1954 in the family of the writer Vadim Mikhailovich Kozhevnikova. She studied at the Central Music School at the Moscow
Conservatory, where she studied composition first with Professor D.B. Kabalevsky, then with Professor T.N. Khrennikov and with Professor L.N. Naumov in piano. In 1977 . for graduated
from the Moscow State Conservatory . Tchaikovsky on class in composition at Prof. essora TN Khrennikov, class orchestration with Professor E.P.Makarova, and in 1979 – an assistant –
internship . In 1977, at the All-Union Competition for Young Composers, she was awarded the 1st Prize for the Symphony.
In 1979 E. Kozhevnikova became a member of the Union of Composers of the USSR.
She regularly participates in the International Festival of Contemporary Music and the Moscow Autumn, within the framework of which, since 1979, most of the premieres of her
symphonic and chamber works have taken place . She has performed with author’s concerts in Russia and in Europe.
The composer works in many genres. Her creative baggage includes ballet, symphonies, cantatas, oratorios, chamber instrumental and vocal music, works for choir, music for theater
and cinema, children’s music.
Of particular importance in the work of E. Kozhevnikova is the ballet Judith, dedicated to the conductor Konstantin Krimets, with whom the author had a long-term friendship. The
ballet is written on a biblical subject and staged by the chamber theater Ballet Moscow. The author of the libretto and choreographer is Edvald Smirnov.
The author writes a lot for a large symphony orchestra. In her creative baggage there are 3 symphonies, “Singing” , “Supplication” , “Vision” , “Cain and Abel”, a symphonic picture
“Judith”, a concert for piano and symphony orchestra .
Long-term friendship ties Ekaterina Kozhevnikova with the Moscow chamber orchestra “Vremena Goda” and with its chief conductor and artistic director, Honored Artist of the
Russian Federation Vladislav Bulakhov, to whom the author dedicated her composition “Little Easter Liturgy” , and for this orchestra was written “The Blue Planet Flying to infinity”.
Among the chamber works of Ekaterina Kozhevnikova there is a lot of vocal music . It’s in Calne cycles and cantatas on poetry about . Khayyam, G . Lorka, A. Pushkin, A. Fet, V.
Brusov, K. Balmont, V. Khlebnikov and M. Tsvetaeva , A. Akhmatova, N. Gumilev . Often in his vocal compositions the author turns to Russian folklore, uses the folk voice in combination
with a variety of classical ensembles, an orchestra or a choir. An important point is her appeal to sacred music . These are, first of all , “The Prayer of the Last Optina Elders at the Beginning
of the Day” for chorus a ‘ capella and “The Mother of God’s Dream – Apocryphal Song to the Text of Spiritual Poems” for two voices, string orchestra and percussion.
In the genre of instrumental chamber music author rarely refers to a solo instrument but fortepiann th triptych and “The Hunchback”. With the exception of three string quartets, the
composer prefers to use a variety of unusual instrument combinations . For example: ” Largo ” for harp, 2 violins, viola and vi olo ncheli , “Postlude” for 2 mandolins, mandola, guitar and
piano, “Once again about the birds” for flute, cello and piano, cantata “Winter Morning” on verses A.S. Pushkin for mixed choir, bells, vibraphone, harp and cello, etc. The author never
returns to the composition of the instruments that she once used.
The pianist, laureate of international competitions Eleonora Teplukhina is the first performer of almost all E. Kozhevnikova’s compositions, where the piano is used, and a piano
concert is dedicated to her.
Among the artists with whom E. Kozhevnikova for creative life have worked with conductors: People’s Artist of the USSR Veronica Dudarova Konstantin Krimets, People’s Artist of
Russia Sergei Skripka, People’s Artist of Russia Leonid Nikolaev, the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Viktor Lutsenko, Honored Artist of Russia Denis Kirpano in , Sergey Tararin .
People’s Artist of the USSR Ivan Semyonovich Kozlovsky, whom the author met in childhood , had a great spiritual influence on the composer and this concern from the great
musician continued until his very last days. In 1970, in the Great Hall of the Conservatory, Ivan Semyonovich performed “Elegy” to verses by G.M. Krzhizhanovsky dedicated to I.S.
Kozlovsky, the music for which he entrusted to write a very girl, Katya Kozhevnikova. The work was orchestrated by Valery Kikta , and this was the first public performance of the music by
Ekaterina Kozhevnikova.
1988 – 1990 E. Kozhevnikova worked as the chief consultant of the All-Union Commission of Chamber and Symphonic Music of the Union of Composers of the USSR, which was
headed by People’s Artist of the USSR, composer A.Ya. Eshpai. From 2009 to present he is Chairman K am ERNO symphony association Union of Moscow composers. From 2002 to the
present , E. Kozhevnikova has been a member of the Board of the Union of Moscow Composers. Since 2001 , he has been a member of the selection committee, and also a member of the
organizing committee of the Moscow Autumn festival.
Symphonies and works for large symphony orchestra
Symphony No. 1 (1977 )
Symphony No. 2 ” Sinfonia da Requiem ” P is dedicated to the memory of the mother.
(1979 g )
Symphony No. 3 (2003. Second edition 2018 )
“Chant” (1988 )
“Plea” (1991)
“Vision” Dedicated to Maestro Krimts. (2004)
Cain and Abel (2006)
“Judith” symphonic picture. Dedicated to Konstantin Krimts.
(2008 )
“Summer Pastoral” for brass band. (2015)
Concerto for piano and symphony orchestra. Dedicated to
Eleonore Teplukhina (2017)
Works for string orchestra .
Retrospection (1996 )
Farewell for flute, harpsichord and string orchestra. Dedicated to
in memory of Armen Shahbagyan. (1999)
“Little Easter Liturgy”. Dedicated to Vladislav Bulakhov.
“A blue planet flying away to Infinity.” (2005)
Judith. One act ballet. Dedicated to Konstantin Krimts.
Oratorios and cantatas .
“Mullanur” oratorio on poems by R. Harris for tenor, soprano, chorus and
large symphony orchestra. (1984)
“Cossack Word” cantata for bass, mezzo soprano, chorus and grand
symphony orchestra on folk Russian text. (1985)
“Eros” oratorio for bass, mezzo soprano, chorus, organ and grand
symphony orchestra on the verses of ancient poets: Pallas, Ivika,
Anacreonta, Alcmana, Flacca, Alchea, Sappho, Tucciana. (1990)
“Even and Odd” cantata on the verses of the poets of the “Silver Age” V. Bryusov,
V. Khodasevich, K. Balmont for choir, organ and chamber orchestra.
(200 2)
“Lazor” cantata for folk voice and chamber orchestra on verses
M. Tsvetaeva from the poem “Lanes”. Dedicated to Inna Romashchuk.
“Winter Morning” on verses by A.S. Pushkin for mixed choir,
bells, vibraphone, harp and cello. (2007)
“Dream of the Virgin” apocryphal song on the text of spiritual verses for
2 voices, string orchestra and percussion. Dedicated to Sergei Zhukov.
Works for choir a cappella .
“Bowing to the Ground” for mixed choir and female solo
of the popular voice to the verses of M. Tsvetaeva. (1987)
“Prayer of the last Optina elders at the beginning of the day” for mixed
chorus. (2009)
Chamber instrumental and vocal music.
Vocal cycle on verses by Omar Khayyam for baritone and chamber
ensemble. ( 1 975)
“Music for Two” for cello and piano. (1976)
String Quartet No. 2 “Three Pieces in the Past Tense”. (1977)
“Triptych” on verses by A. Fet for tenor , organ and chamber ensemble.
“Three portraits of women” on verses by V. Brusov for soprano and piano.
” Largo ” for harp, 2x ripok, viola and cello. (1983 )
String Quartet No. 3 (1985)
“Three Wedding Songs” to a Russian folk text for a folk voice.
“Postlude” for 2 mandolins, mandolas, guitar and piano.
Dedicated to V. Kruglov. (1993)
“Bell-ringer” triptych for piano. Dedicated to Larisa Shilovskaya.
“Ascent to the Light” two chapters from the ancient Egyptian book of the dead for
mezzo soprano, 2 violins, viola, cello, harp, piano and
saxophone. (1997)
Mirage for percussion instruments and harp. (1998)
“Rural landscape with a bell tower” sextet for woodwind
Instruments (2001)
“… if we are together” vocal cycle on poems by A. Akhmatova and
N. Gumilev for soprano, bass, 2 violins, viola, cello and
piano. (2013)
“Once again about the birds” trio for flute, cello and piano. (2019)
A family
Husband – Mikhail Vasilievich Konotopov, Doctor of Economics,
p Officer, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.
Son – Vadim Mikhailovich Konotopov, candidate of economic sciences.
H agrads
Honorary title ” Honored Artist of the Russian Federation ”
(2000 )
First Prize at the All-Union Competition for Young Composers,
students and postgraduates of music universities in the country dedicated to 60-
anniversary of the Great
October. (1978 )
Kurylenko E. “New Names” Ekaterina Kozhevnikova. // Music in
SSS R , 10-11, 1984
Romashchuk I. Kozhevnikova – Romashchuk. Version for the most
yourself. // “Music Academy” 3-4, 1996
Romashchuk I. ” Moscow Autumn 2002. Study two:” Even and Odd ” //
Academy of Music, 1, 2003
T . Egorova. Feat and tragedy of Judith. // Musical life, 9, 2008
Amrakhov A . In deeds and in words. // Music Academy, 1,2014
Ekaterina Vadimovna Kozhevnikova .
Yes t and birth on August 2 1954 city of
Place of birth Moscow
Country of the USSR , Russia.
Composer profession
Symphony genres ,
instrumental concert,
oratorio, cantata,
chamber music

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